The Pyramid of Success

25 Proven Behaviors That Produce True Success

The Pyramid of Success is a blueprint that guides individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential.

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The Pyramid Of Success

The best way to improve the team is to improve yourself.

We are on a mission.

Equip leaders with a blueprint for day-to-day behavior to coach themselves and others The John Wooden Way.

As relevant as it was in 1948 when Coach Wooden created the 25-labeled iconic diagram, the Pyramid of Success is based on proven behaviors that produce true success.

How close are you to being your best?

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The Pyramid of Success for Organizations

Customized leadership
training for organizations.

It starts by finding out how you and your team measures up on the Pyramid of Success.

This not only creates a baseline of behavior expectations, but helps to clearly identify “gaps” that need work. Our certified leadership coaches can help you get started.

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