Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year One

Issue 1Never Lie, Never Cheat, Never Steal
Issue 2Don't Whine, Don't Complain, Don't Make Excuses
Issue 3Be True to Yourself
Issue 4Help Others
Issue 5Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
Issue 6Drink Deeply From Good Books
Issue 7Make friendship a fine art.
Issue 8Be Thankful
Issue 9Pyramid Lesson One: A New Definition of Success
Issue 10How Coach Delivered "Success Under Pressure"
Issue 11Yesterday's Loss Can Produce Tomorrow's Success
Issue 12The Pyramid of Success
issue 13Hard Work
Issue 14Carefull Planning
Issue 15Enthusiasm
Issue 16Friendship
Issue 17Cooperation
Issue 18Loyalty
Issue 19Self-Control
Issue 20Alertness
Issue 21Initiative
Issue 22Intentness
Issue 23Condition
Issue 24Skill
Issue 25Team Spirit
Issue 26Poise
Issue 27Confidence
Issue 28Competitive Greatness
Issue 29Faith
Issue 30Patience
Issue 31Ambition
Issue 32Sincerity
Issue 33Adaptability
Issue 34Honesty
Issue 35Resourcefulness
Issue 36Reliability
Issue 37Fight
Issue 38Integrity
Issue 39The Coach is a Teacher
Issue 40How to Teach
Issue 41Improve Yourself
Issue 42Be Tactful With Your Discipline
Issue 43Rules
Issue 44Suggestions
Issue 45Be a Leader
Issue 46Using the Pyramid to Lead
Issue 47Demonstrate Self Control
Issue 48The Alert Leader
Issue 49Encourage Initiative
issue 50Promote Intentness
Issue 51Be Humble
Issue 52Be a Mentor


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Two

Issue 53Dealing With Adversity
Issue 54Never Make Excuses
Issue 55Unselfishness
Issue 56Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much of Today
issue 57Attitude.
Issue 58What is Right is More Important Than Who is Right
Issue 59A Mistake is Valuable if you Recognize it, Admit it, Learn From it and Forget it
Issue 60If You Sacrifice Principle You End Up Pleasing No One
Issue 61Trust
Issue 62A Good Place to Find a Helping Hand is at the End of Your Arm
Issue 63It is Amazing How Much Can be Accomplished if No One is Concerned Who Gets the Credit
Issue 64The Best Way to Improve the Team is to Improve Yourself
Issue 65Do Not Get So Concerned With Making a Living that You Forget to Make a Life
Issue 66Never Try to be Better Than Someone Else; But Always be Learning From Others
Issue 67A Person Can Make Mistakes, But They Are Not a Failure Until They Blame Others
Issue 68The People Who Don't Make Mistakes Are the People Who Don't Do Anything
Issue 69Listen If You Want To Be Heard.
Issue 70Be as Enthusiastic About the Success of Others as You Are About Your Own
Issue 71Loyalty, Like Respect, Must Be Given Before You Get It
Issue 72The Person Who is Afraid to Risk Failure Seldom Has to Face Success
Issue 73When Everyone Thinks Alike, No One Thinks
Issue 74The Leader Has a Sense of Humor and Is Humble.
Issue 75The Leader Makes the World a Better Place by Helping Others
Issue 76Don't Mistake Activity for Achievement
Issue 77You Discipline Those Under Your Supervision to Correct, to Help, to Improve - Not to Punish
Issue 78You'll Never Know a Thing That You Didn't Learn From Someone Else
Issue 79The Most Important Word in Our Language is Love and the Second Most Important is Balance - Love
Issue 80The Most Important Word in Our Language is Love and the Second Most Important Word is Balance - Balance
Issue 81If You Are Afraid of Criticism You Will Die Doing Nothing
Issue 82Responding to Criticism and Praise
Issue 83The Time to Make Friends Is Before You Need Them
Issue 84Spend so Much Time Improving Yourself That You Won't Have Time to Criticize Others
Issue 85Wisdom, Like the Wind, Blows on Unused, Except for Those Who Know the Art of Sailing
Issue 86Hustle Makes up for Many a Mistake
Issue 87Make Sure the Team Members Know They're Working With You, Not For You
Issue 88The Only True Gift is a Portion of Thyself.
Issue 89Respect Every Opponent, But Fear None
Issue 90Talent Is God Given, Be Humble, Fame Is Man Given, Be Thankful, Conceit Is Self-Given, Be Careful
Issue 91The Main Ingredient of Stardom is the Rest of the Team
Issue 92That We Might Fail Ought Not Deter Us From the Support of a Cause We Believe to be Just
Issue 93The Worst Thing About New Books is They Keep Us From Reading the Old Ones
Issue 94Treat All People With Dignity and Respect
Issue 95You Handle Things, You Work With People
Issue 96You Cannot be Judged by What Others Say About You, But You Can by What You Say About Others
Issue 97Be More Concerned With Your Character Than With Your Reputation, As Your Character is What You Really Are While Your Reputation is Merely What Others Think You Are
Issue 98Be Quick But Don't Hurry
Issue 99If You Always Tell the Truth, You Will Not Have to Remember What You Said
Issue 100Don't Permit Fear of Failure to Prevent Effort. We Are All Imperfect and Will Fail on Occasions, But Fear of Failure is the Greatest Failure of All
Issue 101The Leader Believes in People. He Believes in Them, Trusts Them and Thus Draws Out the Best in Them
Issue 102The Uphill Climb is Slow, But the Downhill Road is Fast
Issue 103Great Minds Discuss Ideas, Average Minds Discuss Events, Shallow Minds Discuss People
Issue 104The Worst Thing You Can Do for Those You Love is to Do the Things They Could and Should Do for Themselves


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Three

Issue 105Discipline Yourself and Others Won't Need To
Issue 106Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
Issue 107It is What You Learn After You Know it All That Counts
Issue 108Be More Concerned With What You Can Do for Others Than What Others Can Do for You. You'll be Surprised at the Results
Issue 109Be Most Interested in Finding the Best Way, Not in Having Your Own Way
Issue 110If You Do Not Have the Time to do it Right, When Will You Have the Time to Do it Over?
Issue 111Things Turn Out Best for Those Who Make the Best of the Way Things Turn Out
Issue 112If I am Through Learning, I am Through
Issue 113Be Slow to Criticize and Quick to Commend
Issue 114Fairness is Giving All People the Treatment They Earn and Deserve. It Doesn't Mean Treating Everyone Alike
Issue 115Learn to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
Issue 116Nothing Will Work Unless You Do
Issue 117The Ability to See the Good in Others and the Bad in Ourselves is Perfect Vision
Issue 118There is No Pillow as Soft as a Clear Conscience
Issue 119All Change May Not be Progress, But All Progress is the Result of Change
Issue 120Big Things Are Accomplished Only Through the Perfection of Minor Details
Issue 121Forget the Favors You Have Given - Remember Those Received
Issue 122Physical Strength is Measured by What One Can Carry - Spiritual Strength by What One Can Bear
Issue 123Revenge is the Weak Pleasure of a Little and Narrow Mind
Issue 124There is No Substitute for Hard Work and Careful Planning
Issue 125You Cannot Live a Perfect Day Without Doing Something for Someone Without a Thought of Repayment
Issue 126You Destroy an Enemy When You make a Friend of Him
Issue 127You Must Listen to Others if You Want Others to Listen to You
Issue 128Knowledge + Preparation + Attention to Detail = Skill
Issue 129Adversity is the State in Which Man Easily Becomes Acquainted With Himself, Being Especially Free of Admirers Then
Issue 130Try to Help Others Every Day and Don't Be Concerned About Who Helps You
Issue 131Don't Count the Days, Make the Day Count
Issue 132I Will Get Ready and Then, Perhaps, My Chance Will Come
Issue 133Young People Need Good Models More Than They Need Critics
Issue 134Pride is a Better Motivator Than Fear
Issue 135Success is Never Final, Failure is Never Fatal, It's Courage That Counts
Issue 136The Harder You Work the More Luck You Will Have
Issue 137The Man Who is Not Afraid of Failure Seldom Has to Face It
Issue 138The Smallest Good Deed is Better Than the Best Intention
Issue 139Valid Self-Analysis Means Improvement
Issue 140Discipline is Necessary for Good Leadership
Issue 141It is One of the Most Beautiful Compensations of This Life That No Man Can Sincerely Help Another Without Helping Himself
Issue 142Ability May Get You to the Top, But it Takes Character to Keep You There
Issue 143Be More Concerned With Loving Than Being Loved, Giving Than Receiving, Being a Friend Than Having a Friend
Issue 144Earn the Right to be Proud and Confident
Issue 145I Am Not What I Want to be, Not What I Ought to be, and Not What I am Going to be, But Thankful I am not What I Used to be
Issue 146If We Magnified Blessings As Much As We Magnify Disappointments, We Would All Be Much Happier
Issue 147It is the Little Details That Make Things Work
Issue 148The Happiest Moments in Life Come From Making Someone Else Happy
Issue 149Learn as if You Were Going to Live Forever, Live as if You Were to Die Tomorrow
Issue 150Character is Tested When a Person Receives Power
Issue 151People Are Usually as Happy as They Make up Their Mind to be
Issue 152 Nothing Can Give You Greater Joy Than Doing Something For Another
Issue 153Real Happiness Comes From Things That Cannot Be Taken Away From You
Issue 154Satisfy Your Expectations, Not Those of Others
Issue 155Appreciate the Things You Have
Issue 156It Takes a Lot of Little Things to Make One Big Thing


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Four

Issue 157The True Athlete Should Have Character, Not Be a Character
Issue 158Those Who Have Never Suffered Adversity Never Experience the True Meaning of Success
Issue 159Time Spent Getting Even Would be Better Spent Trying to Get Ahead
Issue 160When Success Turns Your Head, You Face Failure
Issue 161You Cannot Antagonize and Influence at the Same Time
Issue 162You May be Deceived if you Trust Too Much, But You Will be in Torment if you Do Not Trust Enough
Issue 163Consider the Rights of Others Before Your Own Feelings, and the Feelings of Others Before Your Own Rights
Issue 164Goals Achieved With Little Effort Are Seldom Worthwhile or Lasting
Issue 165God Grant Me the Courage to Change the Things I Can Change, the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference
Issue 166How Coach Wooden Achieved Serenity
Issue 167Real Wealth Comes to Those Who Learn That They Are Paid Best for the Things They do for Nothing
Issue 168The Future May be When You Wish You Had Done What You Are Not Doing Now
Issue 169Additional Areas of Regret
Issue 170Final List of Things We Wish We Had Done Better
Issue 171The Greatest Conquest of Man is the Conquering of Himself
Issue 172There Are no Hopeless Situations, There Are Only People Who Have Grown Hopeless About Them
Issue 173We Can Do More Good by Being Good Than Any Other Way
Issue 174You Can Give Without Loving, But You Cannot Love Without Giving
Issue 175You Have Success Within, It is Up to You to Bring it Out
Issue 176You Meet the Same People on the Way UP as you Meet on the Way Down
Issue 177A Philosopher is a Person Who Meets All Events, Whether Favorable or Unfavorable, With Calmness and Composure
Issue 178Although it May Not be Possible to Determine What Happens to you, you Should Control How you React and Respond
Issue 179A Person Who Trusts People Will Make Fewer Mistakes Than a Person Who Distrusts
Issue 180A Good Memory is One That Can Remember the Day's Blessings and Forget the Day's Troubles
Issue 181Dwelling in the Past Prevents Doing Something in the Present
Issue 182A Person Who Has a Why to Live Can Bear Almost Any How
Issue 183If You Are Going Nowhere, You'll Get There
Issue 184It's Not What You Think You Are, But What You Think
Issue 185Kindness in Words Creates Confidence, Kindness in Thinking Creates Profoundness, Kindness in Giving Creates Love
Issue 186The Important Thing in Life is Not What Belongs to us, But What We Belong To
Issue 187The More Concerned We Become Over the Things We Can't Control, the Less we Will Do With the Things we Can Control
Issue 188A Great Deal of Talent May be Lost for the Want of a Little Courage
Issue 189Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere with What You Can Do
Issue 190Hear no ill of a Friend, Nor Speak Any of an Enemy
Issue 191Honors are Very Fleeting, Just as Fame is - Cherish Friendship More
Issue 192If You Keep Too Busy Learning the Tricks of the Trade, You May Never Learn the Trade
Issue 193If You Lose Self-Control, Everything Will Fail
Issue 194Keep Courtesy and Consideration of Others Foremost in Your Mind, at Home and Away
Issue 195More Often Than we E'er Suspect, the Lives of Others We Do Affect
Issue 196Never Try for a Laugh at Another's Expense - Try to Laugh With Others and Never at Them
Issue 197No Human Life is Ever Really Finished as Long as There is Someone to Remember it
Issue 198The Person Who Usually Does What He Pleases is Seldom Pleased With What he Does
Issue 199There is a Wonderful, almost Mystical, Law of Nature That Says Three of the Things we Want Most - Happiness, Freedom and Peace of Mind - Are Always Attained When We Give Them to Others
Issue 200The Best Thing a Father Can Do for his Children is to Love Their Mother
Issue 201You Are Honored for Giving, Not for Receiving
Issue 202Content Makes Poor Men Rich, Discontent Makes Rich Men Poor
Issue 203Gratitude is a Duty Which Ought to be Paid, But Which None Have a Right to Expect
Issue 204He Who is Really Kind Can Never be Unhappy, He Who is Really Wise can Never be Confused, He Who is Really Brave is Never Afraid
Issue 205An Example of a Great Role Model for Young People
Issue 206Keep a Cheerful, Optimistic Disposition - Think Positively Rather Than Negatively - Sincere Optimism Builds Confidence and Courage
Issue 207Let us Overcome the Angry Man with Gentleness, the Evil Man with Goodness, the Miser with Generosity, the Liar with Truth
Issue 208A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Five

Issue 209Being Critical While Being Productive
Issue 210The Rewards of Leadership
Issue 211Consistency Creates Excellence
Issue 212Do What's Right, Because it's the Right Thing to Do
Issue 213Proper Preparation requires Attention to Detail
Issue 214Arrive Early
Issue 215How Coach Wooden Handled His Coaching Mistakes
Issue 216Do Not Neglect the Less Gifted for the More Gifted
Issue 217Don't Let Winning Change You
Issue 218Establishing Roles and Making Sure Each Person Knows Theirs is Important
Issue 219Everyone is a Teacher to Someone
Issue 220Goal Setting
Issue 221Motivating the Team
Issue 222Recruiting the Wooden Way
Issue 223Show Great Patience and Do Not Expect Too Much Too Soon
Issue 224There is a Difference Between a Manager and a Leader - a Leader Inspires by Example
Issue 225The Accidental Mentor
Issue 226Disapproval Shouldn't Be Destructive
Issue 227The Next Level of Success
Issue 228Character and Values Create Team Culture
Issue 229How do you lead?
Issue 230Just Being Better Than the Rest Doesn't Make You a Success
Issue 231Tone of Voice Regarding Discipline
Issue 232Criticize in Private
Issue 233Disciplining the Team
Issue 234Don't Focus on the Opponent
Issue 235Keeping Things In Perspective
Issue 236Learn by Listening
Issue 237Learning From Observation and Study
Issue 238Pursuing Perfection
Issue 239Instilling Confidence
Issue 240The Leader can be Led
Issue 241You Must Be Present to Coach
Issue 242Earn the Respect of Everyone, Especially of Yourself
Issue 243Have One Team Where Everyone Counts
Issue 244The Best Competition Lies Within Self-Improvement
Issue 245I do it Because He or She Does it is Not a Good Reason
Issue 246Team Rules and Suggestions
Issue 247Is Your Ambition Properly Focused?
Issue 248How do You Choose Your Friends?
Issue 249Be Careful, Athletics Can Tear Character Down
Issue 250Don't Give the Team Too Much, But Teach Well
Issue 251Establishing Clear Expectations
Issue 252You Must Be a Team Player
Issue 253Desired Behaviors
Issue 254The Player Who Gives His Best is Sure of Success, While the Player Who Gives Less Than His Best is a Failure
Issue 255Game Competition
Issue 256Coach Wooden asks, I Wondered Why -
Issue 257Questions to Ask Yourself
Issue 258Decision Making - Lineup Changes
Issue 259Look in the Mirror First
Issue 260Mistakes occur when your thinking is tainted by excessive emotion


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Six

Issue 261Player Selection
Issue 262Send Them Home Happy
Issue 263Some Thoughts to Consider
Issue 264Ten Helpful Hints
Issue 265Does Profanity Improve Communication?
Issue 266What does moral condition have to do with physical condition?
Issue 267The Value of Quiet
Issue 268If you're a great teacher and don't have any knowledge, what are you going to teach?
Issue 269A leader who lacks enthusiasm will prevent those under his or her supervision from reaching their collective potential.
Issue 270Ability is a poor man's wealth
Issue 271Be a great mentor: Advice and opinions
Issue 272BE Clever Not Fancy
Issue 273A Good System is based on Principle not Process
Issue 274Culture Not Control
Issue 275It takes trust, faith and patience to acquire peace of mind
Issue 276Replace Criticism with Consideration
Issue 277Your Best Effort requires Intensity with Emotional Balance
Issue 278What's in your pocket?
Issue 279The Strength of Gentleness
Issue 280Attention to Detail without Micro Managing
Issue 281How To Handle A Loss
Issue 282Just being true to our self doesn't make us a person of integrity
Issue 283Prejudice may be being down on what we are not up on
Issue 284Keeping Friends
Issue 285The Joy of Being Needed
Issue 286Kindness is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear
Issue 287Moral Compass
Issue 288Noble Goals
Issue 289Others too, have brains
Issue 290Passion doesn't last as long as love.
Issue 291Who is Blind?
Issue 292Maximum Motivation
Issue 293Eagerness and Willingness
Issue 294Parenting and Leadership
Issue 295The right definition of Success can make you fearless
Issue 296The Wolf and The Pack
Issue 297Time lost is time lost. It's gone forever.
Issue 298What's the teams limit?
Issue 299John Wooden and Bill Gates
Issue 300Are you a loser if you quit?
Issue 301Building or Losing A Team
Issue 302Much of what we see depends on what we are seeking
Issue 303Patience and the Right Kind of Discipline
Issue 304How Not To Be Average
Issue 305First Impressions
Issue 306Are you more interested in being right or being effective?
Issue 307Build bridges don't burn them
Issue 308Four Nevers
Issue 309Accuracy not Exaggeration
Issue 310Trust Is A Tricky Word
Issue 311Show Me
Issue 312There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, there can hardly be room for any of us to talk about the rest of us


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Seven

Issue 313Belief and Purpose
Issue 314Cooperation + Collaboration = Innovation (Red Auerbach)
Issue 315More Than Just Winning (Morgan Wootten)
Issue 316Clear Thinking (Phil Jackson)
Issue 317Accountability and Assertiveness (Pat Summitt)
Issue 318Keep Showing Up (Connie Mack)
Issue 319Initiative + Intentness = Innovation (George Halas)
Issue 320The Mentor's Mentor (Eddie Robinson)
Issue 321Dan Gable:15 National Championships in 21 Seasons: A Setback is a Set Up for Advancement
Issue 322Look Each Other In The Eye (Mike Krzyzewski)
Issue 323It's Never Too Late (Casey Stengel)
Issue 324Do it right - Every Time (Vince Lombardi)
Issue 325Dependability Is More Important Than Ability (Bill Belichick)
Issue 326Stand and Fight Again (Bill Walsh)
Issue 327Character, Kindness and Thoughtfulness - (Bud Wilkinson)
Issue 328Success Stopper: Complacency - (Pat Riley)
Issue 329Lasting Leadership That Works - (Tom Landry)
Issue 330Play Hard; Play Smart; Play Together - (Dean Smith)
Issue 331Everbody Needs A Coach - (Joe Gibbs)
Issue 332A Leader Doesn't Have To Be Loud - (Chuck Noll)
Issue 333It Doesn't Cost A Nickel To Be Nice - (Sparky Anderson)
Issue 334Take The Best And Leave The Rest - (Woody Hayes)
Issue 335Always Be Consistent And Always Innovate - (Gregg Popovich)
Issue 336Great Results Require Great Communication - (Tom Osborne Part One)
Issue 337Consistent Results Require Consistent Communication - (Tom Osborne Part Two)
Issue 338Communication Should Be Clear, Concise and Compelling - (Tom Osborne Part Three)
Issue 339Don't Quit - (Bear Bryant)
Issue 340Getting the Best Out of Everybody - (Walter Alston)
Issue 341Personalize and Coach; Don't Clone - (Tony La Russa)
Issue 342Complainers to Co-Signers to Champions - (Tony La Russa - Part Two)
Issue 343Preparing For Pressure - (Tony La Russa - Part Three)
Issue 344Respect Trust Caring - (Tony La Russa - Part Four)
Issue 345Manageable Bits - (Tony La Russa - Part Five)
Issue 346Coaching Progress Coach Wooden Issue
Issue 347The Coach a Student of Psychology (Piggy Lambert (John Wooden's College Coach) - Part One)
Issue 348Mental Conditioning - (Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Part Two)
Issue 349Team Building - (Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Part Three)
Issue 350Avoiding Staleness - (Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Part Four)
Issue 351Initiative and Teamwork (Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Part Five)
Issue 352Enthusiasm and Team Spirit (Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Part Six)
Issue 353Building a Foundation (Geno Auriemma Part One)
Issue 354Keep Showing Up (Geno Auriemma Part Two)
Issue 355Challenge Don't Promise (Geno Auriemma Part Three)
Issue 356Tell the Truth (Geno Auriemma Part Four)
Issue 357Proper Focus (Geno Auriemma Part Five)
Issue 358Working For A Tough Boss (Joe Torre Part One)
Issue 359Deference and Dialogue (Joe Torre Part Two)
Issue 360Great Self-Control / No Dirty Laundry (Joe Torre Part Three)
Issue 361One On One Time (Joe Torre Part Four)
Issue 362Control what you can control, let go of the rest. (Joe Torre Part Five)
Issue 363Each at-bat is a new day. (Joe Torre Part Six)
Issue 364Fairness, Respect and Trust (Joe Torre Part Seven)


Wooden's Wisdom Issues Year Eight

Issue 365A river without banks is a large puddle. (Don Shula: Winningest Coach in NFL History)
Issue 366Overlearning = Autopilot = Peak Performance (Don Shula Part Two)
Issue 367Audible - Ready: Have you practiced your backup plan? (Don Shula Part Three)
Issue 368Constant Feedback Creates Constant Improvement (Don Shula Part Four)
Issue 369Direct and Honest (Don Shula Part Five)
Issue 370Expect Everyone to Lead (Jack Clark- 28 National Championships Cal Rugby)
Issue 371Defining Mental Toughness (Jack Clark)
Issue 372Morale comes from commitment not talk. - ( Pete Newell)
Issue 373One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it. - (Knute Rockne)
Issue 374The key to winning is poise under stress. - (Paul Brown)
Issue 375It is better to wear out than rust out. - (Denny Crum)
Issue 376I'm big on enthusiasm and industriousness. - (Roy Williams)
Issue 377Self Discipline will determine how good you'll be. - (Anson Dorrance (21 NCAA Titles W Soccer)
Issue 378Block out the noise. - (Glenn Curtis)
Issue 379The worst thing a player can do is just not be yourself. - ( Nick Saban)
Issue 380Discipline to teach. - (Earl Warriner)
Issue 381A fundamental must be explained and demonstrated. - (Al Scates (19 NCAA Titles M Volleyball)
Issue 382Discipline is the highest form of love. - (Tom Izzo)
Issue 383Positive Attitude - (Jay Wright)
Issue 384We want accountability, trust, and togetherness not entitlement. - ( Brad Stevens)
Issue 385Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. - (Lou Holtz)
Issue 386Treat everybody great. - (Lute Olson)
Issue 387Lose with dignity, win with humility. - ( Jim Calhoun)
Issue 388There is no such thing as failure, only partial success! - (Suzanne Yoculan (10 NCAA Titles W Gymnastics)
Issue 389The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History - John McDonnell (40 NCAA Titles M Track)
Issue 390Balance + Focus + Fun (Valerie Kondos Field - 7 NCAA Titles W Gymnastics)
Issue 391Correct actions demand no explanation and no apology. - (Red Auerbach)
Issue 392Leadership starts at the top. - (Morgan Wootten)
Issue 393Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength. - (Phil Jackson)
Issue 394Coaching is a profession of love. - (Eddie Robinson)
Issue 395Building Leadership Beyond Yourself - ( Mike Krzyzewski)
Issue 396Confidence is what happens when you've done the hard work . - ( Pat Summitt)
Issue 397Gold medals are a hard-to-find alloy called guts. - (Dan Gable (16 NCAA Titles M Wrestling)
Issue 398Motivating Everybody. - ( Vince Lombardi)
Issue 399"Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling" - ( Bill Belichick)
Issue 400Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent, - ( Bill Walsh)
Issue 401If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price. - ( Bud Wilkinson)
Issue 402A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. - (Pat Riley)
Issue 403Leadership is the ability to get the best out of people. - ( Tom Landry)
Issue 404I always mean what I say, but I don't always say what I'm thinking. - ( Dean Smith)
Issue 405Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners. - (Joe Gibbs)
Issue 406Good things happen to those who hustle. - (Chuck Noll)
Issue 407Success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. - (Sparky Anderson)
Issue 408I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying. - (Woody Hayes)
Issue 409The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn't go our way. - ( Gregg Popovich)
Issue 410Grateful for Everything Entitled to Nothing - (Jack Clark)
Issue 411Understanding Each Player. Setting the boundaries. - ( Bear Bryant)
Issue 412It's Not About Me - (Steve Kerr)
Issue 413The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently. - (Bill Bowerman)
Issue 414There is nothing so uncertain as a sure thing. - (Scotty Bowman (9 Stanley Cups)
Issue 415You have good days and bad days. Don't falter - (Al Arbour (4 Straight Stanley Cups)
Issue 416Winning isn't worthwhile unless one has something finer and nobler behind it. - (Amos Alonzo Stagg)