"Ultimately I wanted the Pyramid of Success to define me as a leader, and to help other's understand how to judge success"
John Wooden

Now you can judge your progress toward "true personal success" using Coach John Wooden's famous "Pyramid of Success". Create your own custom Pyramid of Success now!

Pyramid of Success

ISA was developed as a foundation diagnostic tool for The Wooden Way-a systematic methodology for coaching performance improvement and long-term success behavior, based on the lifelong lessons and wisdom of Coach John Wooden. ISA provides you with:

  • An opportunity to quickly and completely assess the quality of your current personal behavior on The Pyramid of Success.
  • An easy to use and totally confidential on-line tool that automatically scores and ranks:
    • 25 success behaviors
    • 100 success indicators (4 for each block and mortar on the Pyramid of Success)
  • Personal Pyramid based on results
  • Success Summary which ranks behaviors and contributing Success Indicators
  • Success Guide-core content from the John R Wooden Course aligned with survey results-helpful hints to get your personal development game plan on track.

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Individual Success Assessment - $29.95

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