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December is "TEAM SPIRIT" Month

A genuine consideration for others                    An eagerness to sacrifice personal interests for the good of the team                    Real happiness begins where selfishness ends                    The star of the team is the team                    Much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets credit                   

John R. Wooden Course ©

Helping Individuals and Organizations Achieve True Success

The John R. Wooden Course is a professional and personal success development process, curriculum, and methodology based on the values, principles, life lessons and wisdom of legendary UCLA basketball coach, teacher, author and philosopher, John Robert Wooden.

The Wooden Course process and methodology consist of:

  • Pyramid of Success team and personal assessments
  • Self-study
  • Personal, team and organizational training and development events
  • Knowledge and skill sustainment coaching

The foundational behavior model of The John R. Wooden Course is Coach Wooden's renowned Pyramid of Success, (25) fundamental, ethical, exemplary, personal development qualities that provide a blueprint for achieving day to day high performance and a lifetime of personal, team, and organizational success.

The Coaching Success Series

The curriculum content is organized into and taught from four distinct and inter-related courses:

  • Foundations & Fundamentals
  • The Pyramid of Success
  • Head Coach
  • Extraordinary Teams

The courses are designed to inspire and develop individuals, build strong teams, create powerful, sustainable team culture, and to teach managers and leaders how to become excellent coaches.

Learning and performance improvement for individuals and teams is fortified and sustained using a six-year e-coaching curricula - Wooden's Wisdom, insightful lessons for life and career, with Coach Wooden video clips and application practice.

All these learning experiences and tools create a development path for leaders, coaches, teachers, teams and individuals leading to strong character, robust team culture, higher performance, and true success. We describe this path as The Wooden Way, The Way of a Great Coach.

The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series:

Course 1

Foundations and Fundamentals

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Course 2

Pyramid of Success

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Course 3

Head Coach

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Course 4

Extraordinary Teams

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Complete Set

Coaching Success Series

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The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Success Series can be experienced in three ways:

  • Self Study Course
  • Team Camp Experience
  • Coaching Success Workshop

The 2019 Certification Experience will be offered June 24th - 28th, 2019.

Location: UCLA Campus - Westwood California.

Contact for more information.