"I will get ready and perhaps my chance will come"                    "The smallest good deed is better than the best intention"                    "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today"                    "You discipline to help ,to correct, to improve-not to punish"                    "You handle things, you work with people"                    "Tell the truth, that way you don't have to remember a story"                    "Not all change is progress, but there is no progress without change"                   

John R. Wooden Course ©

Helping Individuals and Organizations Achieve and Sustain Full Potential.

The John R. Wooden Course is a professional success development process and methodology designed for individuals, teams, corporations and schools. The course content is based on the values, principles, life lessons and wisdom of legendary UCLA basketball coach, teacher, author and philosopher, John Robert Wooden.

The foundational elements of The John R. Wooden Course are (15) core, ethical, exemplary, personal development qualities and (10) character building behaviors defined on Coach Wooden's renowned Pyramid of Success.

This course is delivered using three unique methodologies:

  • John R. Wooden Team Camp
  • John R. Wooden Success Workshops
  • John R. Wooden Leadership Forums

These unique experiences are designed using powerful diagnostic tools, (Team Success Assessment, Individual Success Assessment. Learning content is fortified and sustained using a four year e-coaching cirricula - Wooden's Wisdom)

These learning experiences and tools create a development path for leaders, coaches, teachers, teams and individuals leading to strong character, robust team culture, higher performance, and true success.

We describe this path as The Wooden Way, The Way of a Great Coach:

Follow this path to become the best you can be.

Make a difference everyday.

Stay on balance, love and serve others.

This is the Wooden Effect.

Anaheim Team Camp Success

Highly energetic and engaged participants from Wells Fargo, Arris Corp., JRC Industries, ES3, U.S.Navy, along with teachers and principals from Beaumont, Mission Viejo and Manhattan Beach came together November 19th to experience The John R Wooden Team Camp.

Coach Wooden's lessons on his Extraordinary Performance coaching model, Values and Character, the Pyramid of Success and team development principles were powerfully shared in workshop delivery and discussions. Fun, inspiration, and application of important content all came together on the basketball floor as campers were lead thru a simulated Wooden UCLA practice regimen.

Comments from attendees evaluations described their experience as follows:

  • "I learned excellent application of Coach Wooden's behavior, values and character traits It was so much more than I thought with The Pyramid of Success."
  • "The core message is so very positive. The Pyramid of Success is a goal of mine to reach. The class and lessons on the basketball floor all come together so well"
  • "This course was everything I thought and hoped it would be. Thank you for sharing your love, passion and enthusiasm for Coach Wooden and his lessons."
  • "This information is so fundamentally sound. I really appreciate you guys doing the class. It has really helped me."
  • "Very thorough, enthusiastic and inspiring!"
  • "A very good design for living."
  • "Great content intensified with basketball. It's a great mix."
  • "I would definitely recommend this experience. It is so inspirational"
  • "I would definitely recommend this to others. I am now so confident you can teach valuable lessons."
  • "The world needs more examples of good character. Loved the balance between class and active learning."
  • "I will recommend this to my colleagues and my team members."
  • "Thank you for a wonderful day!"

100% of attendees said they would definitely recommend the John R Wooden Team Camp to others.

Continue to stay alert to www.woodencourse.com for a Team Camp coming to your locale!

The John R. Wooden Course Coaching Guide
2016 New Edition

The Coaching Guide is the curriculum centerpiece for the John R. Wooden Course and is perfect for self study. The Coaching Guide covers such topics as "The Pyramid of Success", Values & Character, Team Development, and Extraordinary Performance. Through Coach Wooden's Timeless Wisdom you can help yourself and your team become the best they are capable of becoming.

Deluxe Binder Edition - $79.95 Shop Now

Digital eBook Edition - $69.95 Shop Now

The Wooden Way™
Teach "True Success" Behavior
Coach and Model "Strong Inner Character"

"I am Just a Teacher"
Teachers Tool Kit - Featuring Clipboard Character Coaching Curricula

The Teacher's Tool Kit powerfully packages and delivers to teachers, coaches, and managers, the wisdom of Coach John Wooden and the lessons for a lifetime of personal and team success.

Now featuring a Fast Track 2020 Clipboard Character Coaching Curricula - 20 lessons taught in 20 minutes, presented on one page - two sided laminate. Lessons include:
  • Introduction to Coach Wooden
  • Defining Success
  • 15 Pyramid of Success Blocks Core Fundamentals
  • Two Sets of 3's (Don't Whine, Complain, or Make Excuses, Don't Lie, Cheat, or Steal)
  • The Seven Point Creed
  • The Wooden Philosphy
Teachers Tool Kit also includes:
  • One - John R. Wooden Course Coaching Guide - New 2016 Revision
  • One - Wooden A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections Book
  • Twenty (20) - Clipboard Character Coaching Lessons
  • One - 24 x 36 Pyramid of Success Poster
  • One - Two Sets of 3's Poster
  • One - Pyramid of Success DVD
  • One - Words of Wisdom Book
  • Thirty (30) - 8.5 x 11 Pyramid of Success Laminates
  • Thirty (30) - Character Wallet Cards
  • One - 52 Week Subscription Wooden's Wisdom Weekly E-Coaching

$325.00 ($650.00 retail value - Save 50%)
$10.83 per for a class or team of 30

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Click Here for Schools building character and teaching success behavior using the John R. Wooden Course Teachers Tool Kit.

Clipboard Character Coaching Curricula

Clipboard Character Coaching

Designed to be an effective way to teach 3 powerful fundamentals that are part of The Wooden Way:

  • Coach Wooden's Definition of Success
  • The Two Sets of Threes
    • never lie ,never cheat, never steal
    • don't whine, don't complain, don't make excuses
  • The 15 core personal behaviors of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

As a teacher and coach, John Wooden made it a priority to spotlight the importance that strong character plays as the foundation of academic, athletic, and personal success. Clipboard Character Coaching enables coaches, teachers and parents of a new generation of students and athletes to teach and follow The Wooden Way ,setting an example to help others give their best and become their best in school, sports and life.

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Coaches and Leaders Kit - Featuring Wooden's Wisdom, Wooden - A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections, and Clipboard Character Coaching Lessons

Perfect for coaches, leaders, managers, and parents. Learn the fundamentals of coaching, leadership, and true success behavior. Being a great coach for others starts with effectively coaching yourself.

Coaches and Leaders Kit also includes:

  • One - John R. Wooden Course Coaching Guide - New 2016 Revision
  • One - Wooden A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections Book
  • One - 24 x 36 Pyramid of Success Poster
  • One - Two Sets of 3's Poster
  • One - Pyramid of Success DVD
  • One - Words of Wisdom Book
  • One - 8.5 x 11 Pyramid of Success Laminates
  • One - Set Character Wallet Cards
  • One - 52 Week Subscription Wooden's Wisdom Weekly E-Coaching
$195.00 ($390.00 retail value - Save $195.00)

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The John R. Wooden Course®
Pyramid Of Success Fathead® Wall Graphics

Order today - $89.95

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Don't just entertain and decorate-build character and educate!

Don't just put sports figures, cartoon characters, music idols and movie heroes on the wall.

Help build day to day good behavior and strong character by teaching the lifelong wisdom of a True Hero, America's greatest coach and teacher, UCLA legend Coach John Wooden.

The Pyramid of Success Fathead® Wall Graphics provide a clear, concise, consistent day to day reminder of the "model behavior" that creates both strong character and a path to true success in school, sports, work and life.

In addition to The Pyramid of Success and Coach Wooden's enlightened, personal definition of success, the displays also teach 3 of Coach Wooden's most powerful and memorable quotes:

- On our full color display, Coach addresses the importance of character, where happiness begins, and the value of today.

- On our black and white display, Coach shares the importance of always being prepared, how big things are accomplished, and the importance of taking the time to do things right the first time.

These precision cut, 36inch x 36inch, all vinyl, easily put up and easily removed displays are available in two color and quote choices. They are also available in English or Spanish.

Put these eye catching, attention grabbing, wisdom teaching tools in the home, classroom, locker room, or office. Invest in character development, model behavior and a straighter path to lasting success.

The John R Wooden Course®
Custom Fathead® Graphics

Customize The John R. Wooden Course Pyramid of Success Fathead® Wall Graphic.
Use your corporate brand design and colors, your school colors or pick other custom colors.
Insert your logo. Pick your 3 favorite Coach Wooden quotes from over 150 of his favorites.
We will provide graphic art and design.
You will give final approval to proceed to production.
Minimum order for a 36" by 36" is 5 pieces. $99.95 per piece.
Quantity discounts available for orders over 10 pieces.
Single pieces can be ordered for sizes larger than 36 inches. Widths available up to 52 inches wide. No limit on height/length.
English and Spanish versions available. Minimum 5 pieces per language.
Contact Lynn Guerin lg@woodencourse.com or call 714 505-7500

Wooden's Wisdom
Weekly Coaching E-Newsletter

52 weekly lessons delivered in e-newsletter format including John R. Wooden course content, Coach Wooden video messages, Wooden Maxims (Example: "Make each day your masterpiece"), favorite poems, and personal application exercises.

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Wooden's Wisdom Testimonials

Great teaching tool for training coaches. Should be required reading in state certification programs for coaches. I am trying to get United States Sports Academy to include in their on-line Basketball Coaching course. Thanks for your good work – Glenn Snyder
Another great way to start the day with "Wooden's Wisdom". I feel so good and excited after reading something about Wooden and what he stood for. Arthur Hamm
I love the Wooden Course and the emails that you send. These stories are relevant and always motivational. Alton Clark
I stepped down from being a high school head coach this year to focus on other things. I am also a school counselor and they are perfect for my character classes with young people! Keep them coming! Charlie Pope




How important is a culture of excellence, teamwork and leadership to the success of your business or organization?

How good do the members of your team think they are? How do they feel about the attitude, skills, behavior and performance of their teammates and peers?

How does your team feel about the effectiveness of leadership, the vision and goals they have created, the example they are setting for maximum effort, high performance, character and integrity?

What are the strengths of your team and your best opportunities to improve the attitude and behavior that produces extraordinary performance and sustainable success?



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